Bougainvillea are an immensely showy, floriferous and hardy plant. Virtually pest-free and disease resistant, it rewards its owner with an abundance of color and vitality when it is well looked after.

Ambiance is Right

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When you think of ambiance, you think of an environments surrounding influence.  An influence that sets the mood just right.  She said, "there was an atmosphere of excitement!"

If setting the mood is what you are good at, then consider pairing your gardening approach with Ambiance (she's also known as James Walker).  Ambiance is a very fast grower and her buds are deep orange at first but matures to a brilliant hot pink as you can see in the collage above. 

Her bracts are large, pointed, slightly iridescent and grow in massive clusters.

Sundown Orange

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Three shades of hot color distinguish this vigorous bougainvillea, with orange, coral and pink blossoms combined on the same tropical vine - she's adequately known as "Sundown Orange".

Her unique bracts open as deep orange, then turn to coral, and finally mature into a salmon-pink.  Her tri-coloring works so well with the color schemes of Floridian homes and architecture; she’s quickly becoming the favorite among weekend gardeners and landscape designers.

Her low water usage is key to water-conscious landscapes.