Bougainvillea are an immensely showy, floriferous and hardy plant. Virtually pest-free and disease resistant, it rewards its owner with an abundance of color and vitality when it is well looked after.

Bougainvillea bonsai; keeping your miniature bougainvillea alive

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Small flowering bougainvillea sitting at the corner of your room or hanging from the balcony is indeed the most sought after item for decor. Whether to decorate your living room, or to add a woody touch to your study corner, or to create a dramatic ambiance to your terrace a bougainvillea bonsai is indeed a must choice. .

Bonsai trees normally does not bear flower and the only difference is the bougainvillea bonsai, which is sure to amuse you with its color and beauty. Belonging to the Nyctaginaceae family, which is part tree and part vine, bougainvillea bonsai can be kept almost anywhere and everywhere. Be it indoor or outdoor, your bougainvillea bonsai with its parade of color will definitely silhouette the ambiance for you.

However, proper care is indeed necessary to maintain the health of your miniature bougainvillea. Issues like watering, lighting; feeding, temperature, re potting and styling are all important factors in determining the health of the bougainvillea bonsai.

Temperature and lighting for the bougainvillea bonsai

Bougainvillea is a tropical plant and quite ideally therefore the bonsai also likes to be in direct and adequate sunlight. However be careful of not letting your bougainvillea bonsai to experience sunburn. This will in turn damage its freshness. Bougainvillea bonsai should be kept in a temp ranging from 49-54 degree F.

Watering of the bougainvillea bonsai

Bougainvillea bonsai does not require regular or continuous watering rather , the miniature tree likes it dry for most of the season. However, during the flowering period an increased amount of watering ensures better result.

Fertilization of the bougainvillea bonsai plant

Supply your bougainvillea plant with a phosphorus, iron and magnesium enriched fertilizer, depending upon the soil type

Pruning and styling of the bougainvillea bonsai

One technique that will help your bougainvillea bonsai to look good throughout the year is proper pruning. Prune this bonsai at any point of time of the year. Cut the new growth every month when the plant is young. This will indeed help in promoting a bushy plant. Cut back the branches if you feel that the bonsai has overgrown.

Pruning the Roots

Apart from pruning the braches if you find that the roots are getting bigger then you need to prune the bonsai to replant it in a larger pot. You may then even cut a small portion to start making smaller bougainvillea bonsais.

Keeping your bougainvillea bonsai alive is easy and fun. All you need is your love and care, attention and your personal touch, for which the little plant crave for. Give it your little time and your bougainvillea bonsai will gift you back a fusion of dream, beauty, color and joy.