Bougainvillea are an immensely showy, floriferous and hardy plant. Virtually pest-free and disease resistant, it rewards its owner with an abundance of color and vitality when it is well looked after.

Video: How to prune and pinch Bougainvillea

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This seems to be one topic many people cannot get enough of... I believe it's 3 parts psychological, 1 part unknowing.  You see, the concept of pruning and pinching bougainvillea is about as old as bougainvillea itself.  But even as the years elapse, many still don't understand why or how to prune bougainvillea.

The psychological aspect is rather simple to explain: the brains ineptitude to exercise harm, knowingly, is difficult to execute.  No one wants to grab shears and hack away at a plant for fear of hurting it or worse, destroying it.  But the truth is, is if you want to maximize your bougainvilleas ability to bloom, pinching is essential. Pinching bougainvillea produces leaf-buds, and leaf-buds produce new growth, and bougainvillea only bloom on new growth.

One prunes in order to  contain growth.  If you like a wild & outward growth, don't prune. If you like a contained, stronger growth then consider pruning your bougainvillea on a set schedule.

The video below, will teach you how to prune your bougainvillea:

Wait a minute? How do I pinch bougainvillea?  Ahh... you are a sharp student.  We do not have a video for you at this time, however, we do have some high-resolution images and a succinct set of instructions on how to pinch your bougainvillea.